This page should eventually be a substantive resource for systems and hardware related to eLearning; LMS/CMS, computer specs, good headset, video recording and editing systems…or maybe I’ll just post pictures of my kitchen.

For now, here are several LMS resources which should be helpful in through the huge variety of LMS products, including reviews and features:

Wikipedia: A definition of “Learning Management System” and several links. “LMSs range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing online or blended/hybrid college courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration.”

eLearning Resources: A list of the latest books related to eLearning on Amazon’s bookstore.

LMS Demos: A list of vendor-supplied demos – “Demos created by learning management system vendors. No sales pitch! No sales angle…”

E-Learning 24/7: Craig Weiss’ resources and LMS consulting (the parent site of the above LMS Demos site)

CMS Critic: Provides a list of CMS and LMS products. The “CMS list was created in order to provide as much information as possible about the content management products we cover.” and the LMS section “only list(s) products under active development that have had releases within the past year.”

eLearning Atlas: A neat idea but a bit slow and not sure how updated this is kept… Sponsored by Rustici.

Capterra: A decent list of LMS products and reviews. The links are ‘sponsored’ (generally) but the reviews seem relatively valid – though the LMS vendor may be able to remove unfavorable reviews. Has a nice list of the Top 20 LMS products.

EduCause: This site geared toward all things higher-ed includes an academic perspective on selecting an LMS.

eLearning Industry: Has an “Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems” from 2013, so it’s already a bit dated, but still a good list of a variety of LMS products.

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