The Recipes (samples, screenshots, etc.)

This Recipes page is ‘under construction’ (retro!) and will slowly be populated with example files showing how to create projects, testing files, etc…

Narration Sample

In a discussion on preferred equipment to record narration, I was asked to record a piece using my headset (Plantronics C310) as a quality sample. Play that sample clip below! See a related blog post (Narration Guidelines).

Download the clip

Captivate Video Demo (clickspots, mobile playback)

Update: this demo was updated to Captivate 8 and posted on the eLearning Brothers blog as a solicited guest article.

Click either the multiscreen launch or the HTML5 launch to launch this example in a new window. This piece was created in Captivate 7 to demonstrate two concepts:

  1. How to do a simple ‘clickspot’ (or ‘hotspot’) overlay on video; using a ‘slide video’ on the timeline with clickspots placed at various points, pausing the video, to allow users to interact with the piece.
  2. Showing how an MP4 placed as an ‘Event video’ allows video-specific controls which will work on both desktop (SWF) and mobile (HTML5) output. Event videos in CP are the only way to show video-specific controls, but you cannot then accurately time other timeline events with those videos as they have their own controls.


  • The movies used here were converted from old .avi to .mp4 using QuickTime Pro.
  • The first was placed using a standard practice of importing the video into the library, then placing on the slide, expanding the slide timeline to the length of the video.
  • The second was placed using ‘Video > Insert Video > Event Video’ and browsing to the desired movie.
  • Neither of these videos have audio tracks.
  • Published to SWF and HTML5, no SCORM/etc, and the ‘scalable’ option not checked nor tested.















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  1. Hi, I would like to subscribe to updates on your posts but cannot see a newsletter or subscribe button on your website. How can I get regular updates on your content?

    1. Well thanks for the comment and request! I’ll start looking into how to provide subscription functionality…

      1. I have recently used TTS in Captivate 4 to prdouce a series of short demonstrations.Prior to using TTS we presented a trial to approximately 200 learners and the feedback about TTS was favorable (however well noted was a preference for an AU accent . . . )In response to Subquark’s comment about accessibility . . . one of the things I love about the TTS feature in Captivate 4 is that the script can be easily (& quickly) converted to CC and the learner can choose between CC & TTS. One other thing to mention, I deliberately played with TTS and made the use of the ‘robot’ voices amusing by having two characters conversing and “OVERSTRESSING” key points, mispronouncing words occasionally (while the other character chuckles in the background) etc.While this is not suited for every course, it was appropriate in this situation and was surprisingly well received.Matt.

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