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Captivate on Google Chrome

There have been many reports of user having playback issues with their HTML5 output from Captivate (i.e. sound and/or video not playing back properly). While those investigations are ongoing, one issue specific to Google Chrome (v.36) has been addressed by Adobe.

Per the Adobe Blog, there are two primary issues:

  • Issue 1: HTML 5 content freezes on launch in Chrome 36 with a JavaScript error.
  • Issue 2: Slide backgrounds with gradients may not appear correctly.

Both issues are now addressed through a patch available from Adobe’s site. Instructions on applying the patch are listed in the blog article. I don’t know if this patch is working its way into the automated update service; I’ve not yet seen it available for my installations of Captivate 7 or 8 (and I am on the subscription plan).


Other Captivate-related news:

In other Captivate-related news, the eLearning Brothers site has a helpful ‘how-to’ article on “How to Hide or Reveal Objects in Adobe Captivate 8”. CP8 has undergone a significant UI redesign and this article discusses a bit of that, related to the ‘hide objects icon’ and an additional tip regarding the ‘timing tab’.

They also have another on how to implement external HTML5 files, “How to Insert HTML5 Files into Adobe Captivate 8”. This is helpful for situations where you’ve created HTML5-native content (perhaps with one of Adobe’s Edge tools) and want to display that within the Captivate project. However, their “Upload Files to an FTP Client” step is unclear. Not all FTP sites are web-enabled. That requires the server hosting the FTP service to ALSO host a separate webserver service. MOST do, but it’s not a certainty.
Another concern is actual access to a web/FTP server. Inside a corporate environment, it’s not always possible to have access to an approved website where you can host content, especially if the audience is outside the organization.


Other helpful Captivate-related resources: A favorite for computer users on a variety of tools, including Captivate.

CP Guru: posted a nice overview of Captivate 8’s new features and possibilities.

IconLogic: Kevin has been teaching how to use Captivate for years, and his blog just keeps getting better.

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