Another addition to the eLearning niche

As pretty much the only writer at my previous employer, their company blog was one of my many responsibilities. Once I left, not only has their blog stagnated but I lost my primary platform for spewing whatever hopefully-useful drivel struck my fancy.

So time to setup something new. I’ve had ‘eLearning Chef’ registered for years now and let it languish, unloved, in the virtual ‘To Do eList’…and I’ve got server space, and always wanted to play with different blogging platforms (the former-company’s blog being hosted on Blogger), and wanted something a bit more personal than another Facebook account…

Anyway, not too much to write (or spew) at this point; moreso just to get a post up and settle on the overall ‘look-n-feel’ of the site. I do hope to keep this blog fairly fresh and current with at least somewhat regular news and thoughts on the whole eLearning scene.

Oh, and you probably didn’t ask but I’ll tell anyway – eLearning Chef arose simply from my initial LinkedIn profile. When I first signed up for that site, many years ago (way pre-IPO), everyone’s self-descriptions were so…formal. I wanted to do something fun, and eventually epiphanized (?) while making the family dinner that the process of deciding what to eat, preparing the various tools and process, and putting it all together…was very similar (generally) to what I do for a living.

Or at least, that was what my mind spewed at the time… So be ready for more of that!