Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 Update & Tutorials

Techsmith released their Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 update in November (!); guess it had been a while since I loaded their software. I was notified when Camtasia asked if it should check for updates. If that doesn’t happen, you can click Help > Check for updates.

So just a quick post in case anyone else out there was in a similar position and hadn’t checked in a while, whether not having occasion to load Camtasia or dismissing the ‘should I check’ dialog in their eagerness to develop…

Fair warning, it’s a large download at 247.23 mb!

Per the Version History page…

  • Added TechSmith in product notifications (chef: what does that mean?!)
  • Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
  • Added a “Mix to mono” option which is useful when all the audio is in the left or right channel, and you’d like it in both
  • Fixed a bug where the PowerPoint Add-in would conflict with Microsoft MIX (chef: MS Mix is a neat PPT extension. We’re playing with it a bit and hope to have a review up sometime soon)
  • Fixed some reported and discovered bugs in working with Transitions
  • Fixed a crash in Callouts when editing the text (chef: thank you!)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when adding certain kinds of MP4 files to the timeline
  • Other minor bug fixes

The maintenance release prior to 8.4.4 in July 2014 was version 8.4.2 – there is no 8.4.3 so you’re not missing anything there. And these patches are cumulative, so if you missed 8.4.2 you will have those updates applied with the 8.4.4 release. That’s a good one in itself, much more extensive… Per the Version History page, a few bugs that were fixed (among others):

  • Fixed: noise removal could cause echos in the audio
  • Fixed: Camtasia Studio could crash due to a memory leak on the timeline
  • Fixed: certain .WMV files could cause production to hang
  • Fixed: some .CAMREC files would not open in Camtasia Studio 8.4
  • Fixed: Recorder could fail to open after upgrading to 8.4
  • Fixed: timeline playback could hang on certain .MP4 files with higher audio bitrates
  • Fixed: video bitrates could be lower than expected in an MP4 custom production
  • Fixed: the mouse cursor could look corrupted while recording the use of a virtual machine
  • Fixed: the PPT add-in microphone button would be enabled when no microphone is detected
  • Fixed: where showing captions initially visible did not display them in an MP4 Production with Smart Player (this is not fixed on

So update your Camtasia Studio product! Lots of good updates in these releases…

If you’ve not had the pleasure of working with Camtasia Studio, it’s a mere $300 (plus Gov’t and Edu pricing) or a very excellent tool, combining screen recording, editing (including Green Screen capabilities!, light interactivity, and publishing (including HTML5 video). It’s screen recording quality is one of the best out there and Studio offers solid editing capabilities for a good price.

Techsmith’s ‘Tips & How-To’ page (not just for Camtasia)

Camtasia 8 – specific tutorials