Even more Captivate 8 resources

Working with Captivate 8 more and more, the locked-down workspaces really annoyed me. For example, I have two monitors so prefer to have the timeline panel on one monitor (along with a couple other panels) and the main development view on the other. The ‘default’ workspace in CP8, however, doesn’t allow panels to be undocked!

So quick pointer: do Edit > Preferences, then on the resulting screen select ‘Enable custom workspaces/panel undocking’.

IconLogic has a detailed post on how to enable custom workspaces. Adobe also has a help section on this, but it seems to assume that option has been enabled.

Lieve recently posted a terrific article detailing Captivate 8’s system variables. For a casual CP user, probably not too relevant…but if you’re working with Advanced Actions and trying to push Captivate’s typical limits (i.e. navigation, in-course reporting), this variable list is very valuable. She provides a link to a PDF for that list as well.

Lynda.com has Captivate 8 ‘Essential Training‘ online! A solid course for beginners, and/or users new to the CP8 features…especially responsive design features.

Andie Coupland has a nice overall Captivate 8 review over at Kineo.

eLearning Brothers also have a nice overview of Captivate 8.

Aside: I don’t want to come across as biased in these posts. I like Captivate and use it a lot, but I work with other tools too, like Lectora, Camtasia, and Storyline…I just don’t use them as much so don’t have as much to say 🙂

BUT I’m sure we’ll have discussions on those tools as well at some point.

OH! Wait, here’s one bit of Camtasia-related news: “TechSmith Acquires Knowmia Teach“.

I’ve not yet used any of the ‘Knowmia’ tools but they look interesting. Would love to know if any of my readers have any experience with them… Is this a good, ‘synergistic’ buy?