First Captivate 8 Patch Released

This is week-old news but worth a quick post to refresh the notice that a patch has been released for Captivate 8, bringing it up to Assuming you have a subscription to CP8 (it’s difficult to get a license that’s not a subscription), fire-up Captivate and click Help > Updates.

Aside from the various fixes and updates provided, one significant bit of the update applies to folks who may be more ‘power users’ of Captivate and have custom templates and such. The Captivate patch does not touch your preferences but it is recommended you back-up your custom layouts and project folders, then delete those user folders after your upgrade.

I’m not quite sure why this is, but a few publishing concerns have come up since the patch was released, and following those steps seems to help resolve the issues.

Instead of reiterating what others have taken the time to say, I’ll quote then point to previous blog entries that describe the upgrade process and its features and fixes.

Adobe’s Official Notice, highlighting:

  • Responsive Drag’n’Drop
  • Improved Geolocation support (has anyone actually implemented this yet?)
  • Publishing to .exe has returned

And Adobe’s Help page on the specific details of the patch, including instructions regarding the preferences,

Note: After the upgrade, before launching Adobe Captivate 8.0.1, ensure that you take a backup of preferences, layouts and sample projects folder and delete them.”

Other Blog Articles detailing this upgrade and patch process in a bit more depth:

I hope to post more on these features as we dig in further!