Intern at Adobe!

Adobe Summer InternshipsAdobe has opened the search for Summer Interns. I sure wish this program had been in place (or if it had, that I was aware of it) when I was in grad school. How cool…

The college tour dates started in mid-January, so check quickly to see if they’re coming to your campus or if you’ve already missed them. If so you can surely learn more at their University Recruiting page (and you can look for FT job opportunities there too).

From the page, “We’re looking for interns – undergrads through PhDs – who possess a variety of skills and are eager to make an impact at Adobe.”

A little off the preferred subject-matter of this blog, I need to get an update out there and this is information worth spreading. Share with your friends and acquaintances who may still be fortunate enough to be living the college life (or, heck, anyone who may just be ready for something completely different).

I hope to start off February a bit more strongly with more eLearning-specific blog posts. I need to revisit my 2015 predictions and evaluate just how insightful I was. hmph! And I think it’s still early enough to make some predictions for 2016 (or maybe I’ll look over everyone else’s predictions and be judgmental 🙂 ).

Back to the internship opportunity, here’s a pretty cool infographic – full credit to Adobe for it, of course.

Work at Adobe

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